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2022 Safety Plan

Woodbridge Little League   
PO Box 29
Bridgeville, DE 19933
Little League ID: 2080309
Delaware District 3

Safety Plan Requirements
1) Safety Officer:  Keith Brock (Contact @ 302-853-5634 or E-mail –[email protected]
Updated league officials are on file in LL Data Center.

2) Safety Manual Distribution: Woodbridge Little League will distribute a copy of the 2022 Woodbridge Safety Manual to all volunteers (board members, managers, concession workers). A copy of the Safety Manual will be posted on our website ( Printed copies will be posted in the concession stands at each field. A copy of the plan will also be provided to the District Administrator and/or Safety Officer.

3) Emergency Plan: For Emergencies: Dial 911
Non-emergency numbers: 
Bridgeville Police Dept: (302)-337-8302
Greenwood Police Dept: (302)-349-4822
Bridgeville Fire Dept: (302)-337-7272
Greenwood Fire Dept: (302)-349-4529

2021 Woodbridge Little League Officials

President Matt Taylor (302) 270-5506[email protected]
Vice President Eddie Wroten (302) 270-1062 [email protected]
VP Baseball Ronnie Fensick (302) 448-5821 [email protected]
VP Softball / T-BallAnna Durham  (843) 323-2804 [email protected]
TreasurerPatti Jester  (302) 535-0877 [email protected]
Player AgentDanielle Taylor  (302) 841-7913 [email protected]
Chief Umpire BaseballChris Countryman (302) 632-5416 [email protected]
Chief Umpire SoftballChris Countryman (302) 632-5416 [email protected]
Safety OfficerKeith Brock  (302) 853-5634 [email protected]
Equipment ManagerGL Jefferson (302) 542-2173 [email protected]
SecretaryAshley Grammar (302) 236-0953 [email protected]
Signs & Sponsorship yan Potter  (330) 240-0592 [email protected]
FundraisingEileen Potter (724) 730-7502 [email protected]
 Brittany Hearn (302) 430-3393 [email protected]
Concession ManagerCorey Grammar (302) 448-0386 [email protected]
BridgevilleChris Ryan  
GreenwoodChris Ryan  

Coronavirus mitigation plan
The following guidelines should be observed for practice and game situations

• Woodbridge Little League will monitor, adhere to, and provide updates to our community on recommendations from the CDC, and the current governor emergency orders pertaining to youth sports and Covid-19 guidelines. 
• Anyone with symptoms of fever, cough, or worsening respiratory symptoms, or any known exposure to a person with COVID-19 should not attend any Little League activity until cleared by a medical professional.
• Contact Tracing: If you get a call from (302) 446-4262, or your caller ID says DE PUBLICHEALTH, please answer the call. That’s a representative from the Delaware Contact Tracing Program calling to give you important information about your health. Please answer the call and take the time to speak with our contact tracers to help with our fight against COVID-19.
• The league president and safety officer shall be notified of positive test results of players, coaches, league members, or volunteers.  
• Everyone is encouraged to wash their hands with soap and water prior to and after each activity. Hand sanitizer will be provided for use in the dugouts.
• Cloth face coverings are not required but encouraged for those that feel they need them. 
• When it is necessary to share critical or limited equipment, all surfaces of each piece of shared equipment should be disinfected.  

4) Volunteer Applications:  All volunteers are required to fill out the 2022 little league volunteer application form and provide a valid ID.  Volunteers are encouraged to sign up through the website ( under volunteer opportunities or request an electronic form through the safety officer via JDP. Paper forms will still be accepted for those who cannot perform it electronically.  Anyone who refuses to fill out the application is ineligible to be a league member. For background checks we will utilize either the JDP National Criminal File Database provided through Little League International or Sports Connect via online applications.

5) Fundamentals Training:  Woodbridge Little League will provide fundamentals training and require one manager or coach from each team to attend this year at the managers’ meeting on 3/23/22 @ 6:30PM at the Bridgeville Library.

6) First Aid Training: Woodbridge Little League will provide first aid training and require one manager or coach from each team to attend this year at the managers’ meeting on 3/23/22 @ 6:30PM at the Bridgeville Library.

7) Check Field Conditions: Umpires and coaches are required to walk & inspect the fields prior to play or practice. Please remove any trash or debris. Notify concerns to the safety officer or any board member. A checklist will be provided to managers / umpires and will be filled out before every game.

8) Facility Survey: The annual facility survey must be completed or updated on the Little League Data Center.                   
Due date: April 1st  Fields to be reviewed for changes or needs.            

 9) Concession Stand Safety: Safety procedures will be posted inside each concession stand and provided in the safety manual.  The following links have been printed and posted at our concession stands and used for training references by those volunteers who work in them.

10) Equipment Check:  The league equipment manager will inspect all equipment for damage and compliance prior to the 2022 season. Managers, coaches, and umpires are required to inspect all equipment for safety and compliance before each game. If it is broken or non-compliant, do not use and notify the equipment manager. All broken equipment shall be discarded properly.

11) Accident Reporting: Accident Forms are to be submitted to the safety officer within 48 hours of the incident. Accident claim forms and instructions will be provided in the managers’ league packet. Near misses should be tracked with staff.

12) First Aid Kits: Woodbridge Little League will provide first aid kits located in the dugout equipment boxes at all fields as well as the storage sheds at each field. We have an AED defibrillator inside the storage area at Greenwood and inside the equipment storage shed in Bridgeville (Signs posted). Instant cold compress packs can be found in the storage areas near the AED boxes.

13) Enforcing Little League Rules: Woodbridge Little League requires all volunteers (Board Members, Managers, and Coaches) to enforce all International Little League rules at games and practices. 
Rules including, but not limited to:                                                                                                                                                     
• All players must utilize approved proper safety equipment.
• Require catchers to wear proper safety equipment during warm-ups and games
• Coaches are not allowed to warm-up pitchers.
• No jewelry, candy, or cell phones on the field or in dugout.            
• No smoking in or around dugouts or ball fields.
• No batters on deck. 
• Require gates to dugouts and fields to be closed during game play.
• Require bases that disengage from the anchor on all fields.
• Batters are required to have face guards attached to their batting helmets. (Parent / guardian must submit a signed waiver if they wish not to use) Waiver is found on website. 
• Show respect to the umpires                                                                                                                                                                                 
14) Player / Coach Data:    Submit league player registration data or player roster data and coach and manager data by April 1st. (Must be submitted through the Little League Data Center or Sports Connect) Safety manual will not be approved until registration data has been fully submitted.

15) Answer Survey Question: posed in Data Center as Requirement #15.
Does your league have a covid mitigation plan in place for the 2022 season?
Does your league require abuse prevention training for its volunteers?
Which training does your league use?

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